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At the turn of the 19th century, the railroads ruled as market leaders. They were among the elite of American business...the top of the Fortune 500 if it had existed during their hay day. Yet what do we know of them now? They still exist but they don't rule. The fact is that they failed to recognize that they were more than a railroad. They were in the transportation business. They failed to innovate because they were committed to the "how" over the "why". The "why" is the customer "why", It's the heart of the demand. In the case of the railroad, it was people and tangible goods getting places. Rail was just the how*. 

Innovation is not elusive. Innovation is not about culture. Innovation is about commitment. Innovation is about making tangible break-throughs with customers that scale as market disruption. If you believe innovation is essential to being unique, achieving growth, and inspiring loyalty, check out the Brand Innovation services below...


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*An adaptation of the analysis of the Railroads by Harvard Professor and American Economist Theodore Levitt.