Brand Services

inspire loyalty with a plan 

Inspire loyalty with your customer and employee audiences by achieving a clear path in the development of innovation opportunities and/or a specific innovation with Innovation Strategy. Using AudienceLens™ (a principled mindset, brand development methodology, and engagement framework centered on the WHYs of your audience), model a structured plan for moving beyond idea or proof of concept to creating an engine that uniquely solves problems for your customers. Consider the following deliverables of the most comprehensive of the Brand Innovation Services... 


Innovation workshop(s)


In this workshop track, you have an innovation idea or proof of concept that requires "sandbox" testing. Playing in a "sandbox" empowers you and your customer(s) to work together evaluating the WHY, how, what, and who of your innovation. Depending on the innovation and the level of maturity, your workshop may be a single shop or a series of shops with key audience stakeholders including key customers and employees. Using AudienceLens™ , your deliverables will include some or all of things like market analysis (includes audience surveying), competition research, innovator-customer engagement, innovation scorecard.


Innovation analysis


From your workshop(s), research and survey work, your Innovation Analysis Report is the primary deliverable. Highlights of the deliverables within the report include... 

  • Executive SWOT
  • Audience Survey Feedback
  • Market Analysis (Demand, Opportunity, Competition)
  • Innovation Scorecard
  • Recommendations

Innovation Roadmap


Be clear on the road ahead with innovation, whether a specific innovation or creating innovation commitment in your culture. The Workshops and Analysis Report feed the production of your Innovation Roadmap. The Roadmap is modular making it scalable and recyclable. A module includes multiple components to form a common framework for your roadmap. Depending on your situation, you may have a master roadmap for fostering innovation across the company, with plug-ins of roadmaps for specific innovations.    


Connect the Dots

between your priorities and services

Curious if your priorities dictate the need for an Innovation Strategy? Connect the dots here.