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be unique, feed growth 

Be unique, feed growth, and inspire loyalty with innovation workshops. There are two models: 1) Innovation Discovery (focuses on creating innovation commitment) and 2) Innovation Testing (focuses on playing in a sandbox with your customers). Check out the details below...


Innovation Discovery


In this one-day workshop using AudienceLens™ (a principled mindset, brand development methodology, and engagement framework centered on the WHYs of your audience) your team will learn the true definition of innovation, the WHY behind innovation, and develop a roadmap for creating innovation commitment within your culture.


Innovation Testing


In this workshop track, you have an innovation idea or proof of concept that requires "sandbox" testing. Playing in a "sandbox" empowers you and your customer(s) to work together evaluating the WHY, how, what, and who of your innovation. Depending on the innovation and the level of maturity, your workshop may be a single shop or a series of shops with key audience stakeholders including key customers and employees. Using AudienceLens™ , your deliverables will include some or all of things like market analysis (includes audience surveying), competition research, innovator-customer engagement, innovation scorecard.


Connect the Dots

between your priorities and services

Curious if your priorities dictate the need for an Innovation Workshop? Connect the dots here.