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Achieving an objective view of your brand priorities relative to 1) key segments of your audience (customers, employees, partners, shareholders), and 2) your competitors, is the first step in bringing light to work prioritization. You already know you have problems and goals. But you also don't know what you don't know about brand, marketing, and executing on them relative to the resource constraints of time, people, and money. That's WHY a proper analysis of your brand is critical to meeting your goals.


AudienceLens™, a principled mindset, brand development methodology, and engagement framework centered on the WHYs of your audience, is used as the framework for your analysis. The primary deliverable is your Analysis Report. Highlights of the deliverables within the report include... 

  • Executive SWOT
  • Audience Survey Feedback
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Demand Analysis
  • Innovation Opportunity Analysis 
  • Brand Scorecard: 7 Category Scoring
  • Marketing Scorecard: 7 Category Scoring
  • Recommendations


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