Get your brand story straight

If you want your brand to be unique, achieve growth, and inspire loyalty, first get your brand story straight. Seeing your brand through your lens makes you blind to a story that sells. You must transform your view of your brand to see it through the lens of the audience. Participants will learn the DNA of the AudienceLens™, how to apply it in your business, and the value of the specific results achieved in using it. AudienceLens™ is a principled mindset, brand development methodology, and engagement framework centered on the WHYs of your audience. Your two-day workshop is designed for executive leaders, sales teams, and marketing teams. It's consists of three segments...



power of why™


In the Power of WHY™ segment, you learn that the science says that in business it's ALWAYS personal...especially in the B2B space. You learn the simple but powerful functions of the brain, what drives behavior, and how trust is earned...all through the lens of the audience. And not to worry, it's not deep science! Entertainment will be part of the learning experience with movies, shows, and brands who get it...and those who don't.


seven principles of brand


In the Seven Principles of Brand segment, you learn how to apply the Power of WHY™ in a practical way in crafting your brand story with the following seven principles: personas rule, architecture simplifies, words matter, start with a story, visual art breathes life, innovation differentiates, and ambassadors amplify. You will use these principles to create your audience persona library (including a how-to on SEO keyword research). You will also use them to freshly shape the key components (WHY, what, how, who) of your brand story including your: name, tag line, elevator pitch, movie trailer script, offerings, methodology, and origin story.   


seven principles of marketing


In the Seven Principles of Marketing segment, you learn how to apply the Power of WHY™ and the Seven Principles of Brand in a practical way in creating engagement with key audience members. The seven principles are: work 90 days at a time, preserve brand integrity, model and automate, embrace the data, integrate feedback loops everywhere, do content right, be a humble student. You will leave with your first 90 day marketing strategy, a content strategy, and a guide on how to get the most out of marketing automation.


Connect the Dots

between your priorities and services

Curious if your priorities dictate the need for an AudienceLens™ Workshop? Connect the dots here.