brands served

people who see their brand story through the audiencelens

Brands served include businesses in the healthcare and/or technology markets with a customer audience of other businesses (b2b) or a combination of businesses and individual consumers (b2b2c).

Non-profit organizations are also a focus...those serving the community with an audience including people in need, donors, and volunteers.

B2B healthcare and technology companies rely on us to help their brand tell a story through effective brand messaging, marketing campaigns, and beyond. 

Your Peers, Their Voice


at the heart of the matter

Move people beyond profit to truly embrace purpose as their top priority in their work, where possible a God-honoring purpose, by voluntarily submitting to view their brand through the lens of the audience.

B2B healthcare and technology companies rely on us to help their brand tell a story through effective brand messaging, marketing campaigns, and beyond. 


truth greater than the individuals aspiring to it 

Serving with excellence compels people to live and work according to principled truth greater than any one individual. That principled truth is found in three core principles of God's word. They always have merit in all the work delivered, seen and unseen, for your team and the results you seek to achieve.

B2B healthcare and technology companies rely on us to help their brand tell a story through effective brand messaging, marketing campaigns, and beyond.


be humble

Philippians 2.3 calls for doing nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. There’s no better principle for serving others and building trust.


work heartily

Colossians 3.23 calls for working heartily as for the Lord and not for men. That’s important because it focuses the work on the highest of standards...God’s. Everyone wins. 


use discipline

Hebrews 12.11 calls to be disciplined because of the fruit it renders. Being creative and sharing that with you for your gain is a love @ Lumotiv. Yet creativity is most valuable when balanced with discipline in thinking and execution. 


the people that make it happen

Because achieving the results you pursue includes flexibility in service delivery and value in pricing, the operating discipline behind the people approach of Lumotiv is unique. The focus is centered on excellence in deliverables using best practice delivery principles, collaborative technology, and the sourcing of independent talent disciplines. This approach ensures quality outputs and favorable pricing, ultimately resulting in maximum value for you. This also affords the team value and freedom of a community where people can choose to contribute by doing work they love without the bondage of traditional work cultures.

B2B healthcare and technology companies rely on us to help their brand tell a story through effective brand messaging, marketing campaigns, and beyond.
Peter A Snell, CEO of Lumotiv

audience ambassador, thinker, founder

peter a snell

It was 2013. Frustrated and weary, in a place of struggle to see purpose and value in any work, Peter was at an impasse. At the time, he was serving as a guide for a community think tank of hospital executives and physician leaders. The task at hand was to create opportunities for leaders to collaborate and solve complex problems in healthcare.

In nearly two decades of sales roles, so much of his work centered on getting AND keeping the attention of the audience. Except now the audience was reportedly already engaged. It should have been easier. Right?

It wasn’t. Peter needed a break-through. Something. A change.

In doing some research for one of the collaboration workshops, he stumbled across a video titled “Start with Why” ...the original video from Simon Sinek’s first Ted Talk. The impact was deep and immediate. Peter was so moved that he watched it almost daily for a month! The word he used to describe the impact: “liberating” (with a rebel yell)! In fact, Simon's video was instrumental in Peter’s decision to leave his job and start Lumotiv. It was also part of the inspiration for what is now known as the AudienceLens™

For more on Peter's background, check his profile on LinkedIn.

sneaky creative, doer, Project manager  Jessie Hoffmann

sneaky creative, doer, Project manager

Jessie Hoffmann

As Project Manager at Lumotiv, Jessie wears many hats. On any given day, she can be found researching potential solutions for any number of client quandaries, building and optimizing websites (her favorite), writing case studies, working with graphic designers, or, of course, wrangling Peter. She lives to find simple, creative solutions to complicated problems. Nothing satisfies her more than to see a beautiful website or landing page brought to life. Jessie loves learning new things and will spend hours researching a new skill or topic without even realizing it, which sometimes gets her into trouble when she’s on a deadline. When she’s not managing projects for Lumotiv or watching training videos on youtube, you’ll probably find Jessie at the gym, on a trail, at the river, or eating. Probably eating. 

Client Advocate, Co-founder  Jodi Snell

Client Advocate, Co-founder 

Jodi Snell

As your advocate, Jodi's focus is on ensuring deliverables are met, gaps filled, and the variables of getting work done don't derail the results you seek to achieve. She lives AudienceLens! Jodi has more than a decade of experience in roles similar to this one where she developed a unique blend of a sharp creative eye, account management, and service execution. She's also the Co-Founder of Lumotiv providing management execution of back office operations and finance. Jodi is loyal, focused, and always running. She loves God, her family, and being a mom. She also loves playing and watching tennis...highlighted by a recent trip to the US Open in New York!

creative doers, high performers  creative team

creative doers, high performers

creative team

Talent and expertise exist throughout the globe. The key is knowing how to source and manage it properly to achieve desired results. Done well, clients achieve the highest quality results at an affordable price. That translates into value. Lumotiv clients achieve value because we believe in the model and do it well. From writing to art, Lumotiv sources and manages the right creative resources.

industry leaders, technology mavens  partners

industry leaders, technology mavens


Partners are selected based on their fit relative to supporting clients and Lumotiv in achieving your desired results. The fit is determined by capability, character, and reputation. Strategic partners are...


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