Podcast 1: War Games

Please fill out the questionnaire below in as much detail as possible in preparation for the podcast on War Games.

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Talk about how it’s a new concept in this market space.
Here’s what you miss if you don’t… What are the consequences? (Tell a story) Describe both the business value and the relationship value as part of that. (Re-affirm that it’s a new concept)
Proposed Structure (please use this as a jumping off point or create your own steps): 1. Gaining agreement with vendor to participate (relevant to question 3) 2. Have both parties submit a series of business problems that could occur that would put the relationship in danger (from both an internal and external perspective) 3. Schedule a war game workshop for both parties 4. Prepare for the workshop 5. Walk through every submitted business problem in open discussion 6. Make agreement modifications based on results of the war game workshop 7. Determine viability of a future together
Explore with Seprio how they can help, more resources coming out on how to do this in the near future.