Sharper Focus, Fresh Message... Lumotiv Unveils Audience Lens Approach for B2B Brands


Dallas, Texas – October 23, 2017 – Lumotiv, a brand strategy and marketing agency specializing in the b2b healthcare technology and services markets, today announced the launch of AudienceLens(TM), a principled mindset and content construction methodology used to help business leaders achieve three results with their brands: be unique, achieve growth, and inspire loyalty.

“People leading brands in the b2b space are saddled with two prevailing market misconceptions. The first is that your brand story is about your brand. It's not. That's actually the least effective way to tell a story that triggers authentic engagement. People simply aren't biologically wired to care about you or your brand. They care about themselves. That's why your brand story is actually about the 'why' of your audience," said Peter Snell, CEO of Lumotiv. "People just aren't naturally positioned to see their brands through the lens of the audience. That's why AuidenceLens was created. That's why it works. It serves as a translator for brand leaders in how they think and communicate so they can achieve that perspective, and most importantly the results they seek."

Lumotiv noted the importance of adopting AudienceLens as a mindset. All brand story transformation projects include a series of workshops designed to educate executive leaders and their teams on the why, what, and how of an AudienceLens mindset relative to their audience and brand. Lumotiv also uses AudienceLens as a messaging and content construction methodology in crafting brand stories with their clients. The methodology includes creative design principles, best practice process, and technology.

Snell added, “The second misconception in the market, one we've all heard, is that in business it's just business, not personal. That's exactly what people say when it is personal. In fact, in business it's always personal. A recent Gartner study proves it by concluding that 71% of b2b buying decisions are first based on personal value. The same study concluded that personal value is two times more influential than business value in business buying decisions. AudienceLens helps b2b leaders break through that misconception and tap into the personal and emotional value of their audience."

Lumotiv successfully piloted the AudienceLens prototype in 2016, then deployed multiple AudienceLens projects in 2017 in preparation for the formal launch. Snell also hinted at the impending launch of AudienceLens University designed for entrepreneurs and marketing agencies. An official launch date has not yet been confirmed.

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