want to put your print on something you love doing?

Collaborative, yet virtual. Lumotiv is not defined by an office or location. We are defined by our audience and the results they achieve. They choose us to support their brand priorities and we aspire to live by our principles in delivering. People come to be a part of Lumotiv because they can do what they love to do in support of a common purpose, one in which they already believe in. If we share a common purpose and you want to remain free to pursue your passion in your work with us, check out the opportunities below...





If you love to write, have experience crafting blogs, know how to research topics, and can work efficiently, we would love to hear from you! This is a contract gig, so do what you love and do it with the freedom of being a contractor. Location doesn't matter! If this is you...



Be a part of a growing brand helping people in other brands be better at more right conversations with right people. Your location is irrelevant! This is a contract gig for someone who others would describe as a HubSpot ninja or you can demonstrate ninja-like expertise. If it's something you might like to be a part of...