Welcome to your BUY-A-BLOCK brand and marketing solution! If you’re here, you have brand and marketing needs for your business but don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to get them done. Ultimately you expect to make an impact with your outputs. That starts with an AudienceLens mindset…meaning you seek to earn and nurture trust by focusing your thinking on the WHYs of the audience. Consider the drill bit illustration, an example of AudienceLens mindset.


“People don’t buy a quarter inch drill bit. They buy a quarter inch hole.”

…Economist and Harvard Business School Professor Theodore Levitt,


That’s the mindset that goes into the production work. Yet, you still need to purchase the drill bit to achieve the hole. So, the “drill bits” you can use are below. If not on the “yes” list, scroll past the blocks to learn more.

The list

Blog articles | News stories | Website pages | Landing pages | eBooks | Hero Stories | Social media posts | Digital ads | Infographics | Flyers | Deck presentations | Proposal documents | Business cards | Trade show assets | Print ads


let’s get started!

estimate, Select, and protect

ESTIMATE y0ur hours by planning on a minimum of 5-7 hours per list item. Some items take more time depending on research, design, and copy requirements. Time billed is actual. SELECT one of the three blocks of hours below (10 @ $150 per/hr, 20 @ $135/hr, 30 @ $125/hr). If you’re not sure which is the right fit, select the 10 block to get started. You will still get a time estimate including a request for approval before any work begins. PROTECT your rights to your content, and the confidentiality you expect, during and after work gets done. After you select your block, a link to review the terms and conditions will appear.

The “not here, but call” list

If you want something from the list below, schedule a quick call, and we’ll scope it together. Boom! Done!

Audience persona avatars | Customer journey mapping | Full website development (also means a “substantial” website refresh) | Campaign management using email, social, and/or digital advertising (to promote an event, your content, to generate leads) | SEO analysis, monitoring, or program management | Core brand story (messaging translation and/or creation) | Strategy (advisory consultation on brand, marketing, campaign-specific, crisis) | Marketing automation platform implementation | CRM implementation and/or optimization | Brand assessment (assess the effectiveness of your brand influence with your audience) | Employment brand and marketing (Glassdoor campaign management, employee engagement content and campaigning)

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