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Let's face it, the world is highly self-centered. I mean it kind of makes sense, right? I'm me and I see and do things through my own lens. I have needs. You have needs. Most of our activities in a day ultimately serve our own self in at least some way. And that's appropriately healthy in many ways...from basic things like eating all the way to achieving satisfaction in our work. Even activities that center on serving others also serves some part of self.

But (yeah here's the but), much of our activity is unhealthy. Activity that focuses too intensely on our "wants" and perceived needs, at the undue expense of others, is in fact unhealthy. Unhealthy for our self. Unhealthy for the people we care about. Unhealthy for our customers. Unhealthy for our prospective customers. Unhealthy for our communities. Unhealthy for our world. And the source of the problem is actually about something that's missing. The world, our world, can look so much clearer if we could just genuinely view it through the lens of the audience. And we all have an audience. Sure, each audience is unique to each person, but an audience nonetheless. 

So how does viewing your world through the lens of the audience translate to better results for both you and your audience? That's what AudienceLens™ is all about. It's a principled mindset and practical methodology that serves to empower people in achieving those better creating a unique brand, growing a company, and inspiring loyalty.

Peter A Snell Audience Ambassador | Brand Strategist | CEO of Lumotiv

Peter A Snell
Audience Ambassador | Brand Strategist | CEO of Lumotiv

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