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Win Deals Using Email: A 5 Point Checklist for Best Practice Email Campaign for Your B2B Solutions

Win Deals Using Email: A 5 Point Checklist for Best Practice Email Campaigning Your B2B Solutions. b2b email marketing. email campaign strategy.

A friend recently asked me for some advice about email campaigning. Back in July of 2015, I wrote a piece on email marketing. While still relevant content, it's highly tactical. He's more strategic. So I decided to address the topic through his lens with this expanded piece. While there is a bit of overlap in a few places, feel free to enjoy both blog entries.

Here's your 5 point checklist for winning deals using a single email campaign.

1. Be very prescriptive in choosing your audience. Less is more. Deciders are best. Influencers are ok but don't overvalue them. Be honest with yourself about who those people really are. If you are trying to convince yourself that influencers are deciders, then you're already wasting time...yours and theirs. Also, take time to truly understand and accept that they don't care about you or your brand...unless and until you can provide they get something from you at the right time that helps them solve a problem or meet a a personal way.

2. Set a simple, achievable campaign goal. When marketing and selling solutions of medium to larger size (like technology and/or consulting solutions for the healthcare space), that goal is 3-5 new qualified opportunities and 1-3 closed deals by the end of the 6th month from campaign to go-live. This model applies per Rep/territory. This math is based on our experience running hundreds of campaigns marketing solutions into the healthcare provider space. When you break down the industry and others similar to it, there are numerical limitiations in the overall opportunity and the probability of striking at the right time. Timing is not everything, but it's close. You have to have an active voice to be there at the right time. 

3. Set a supporting KPI metric for conversations. Recommend 9-12...what you'll need, minimum, for achieving the primary campaign goal. The definition of a conversation is a meaningful exchange with a qualified decider about a pain or goal that you may be able to help them solve. It can be via email, phone, or in person. You ultimately decide the definition of "meaningful". Don't artificially inflate your conversation metrics. It only hurts your progress in pursuing qualified opportunities. 

4. Frame a content and workflow plan that spans multiple (about every other week, no more than weekly) messages over 3 months time with an event as your crescendo. It can be an event within an industry event and/or a webinar. Best events feature a customer as your special guest. Take an educational approach and tone with your content...content they would consider valuable through their lens, not yours. Use a vlog or blog to engage around the top priorities in their industry and the implications to their business and priorities. That means you have to intimately know your customers' world. Invest time in research and ask your customers BEFORE you start creating. Don't sell in your content, rather promote other content around it with links and invitations they would value...other owned (owned by you) blog content, invite to your event/webinar, industry events, and/or a white paper. And remember to record your crescendo event so you can reuse the content in future campaigns.

5. Use a marketing automation tool to execute. With this much content, using a focused list, and possibly involving multiple reps, you need efficiency, an administrative owner, and you need alerts to trigger timely salesperson engagement during the campaign. You also need analytics to gain insights for affirming or pivoting your path. We like HubSpot and CampaignMonitor. Other quality alternatives include's Pardot, Marketo, and InfusionSoft. 

Anything worth doing is worth doing right. This isn't easy work, but it's rewarding when done right. Our clients have experienced results that include multiple million dollar deals and ROIs in excess of 20x. You can experience the same. Just do it right!